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Hair Extensions Explained


Why do the celebrities have such beautiful hair?  What is their secret?  Yep, you guessed it - their secret is hair extensions!  Here is another secret:  you don’t have to be a celebrity to have hair extensions!   Have you been yearning for fuller and longer hair? Bravo, you are in the right place! If the stars and models can have splendid looks then why can’t you? If the world of magical hair extensions is new for you, we will help you to find your dream hair.  We will explore together on our website,, the different kinds of hair extensions based on their material, construction method, and attachment method to avoid any confusion.


Regarding hair extension material, we offer real human hair and synthetic hair extensions. Yes, it is possible to have a matching extension like the texture and color of your natural hair. You can buy our superb hair extensions without any worries because we have hair extensions that can last for one year or more!

HUMAN HAIR (REAL): Human hair extensions give you a natural feel like your original hair. You are supposed to treat them like your natural hair. You have to style your human hair extensions every day (or every time you wear them) just like your natural hair. However, they have an additional plus point as you can color them.  If you think about coloring your hair a bit different for an updated and stylish look then human hair extensions are a perfect solution.  Rest assured that HairWizardry has extensions for all kinds of budgets.

SYNTHETIC HAIR: Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair responds differently to care.   Just know that if you opt for synthetic hair, there is a clear difference in texture, colors and quality. HairWizardry offers you high-quality synthetic hair to match your originality. Also, keep in mind that synthetic hair demands a little more care. No matter how much care you give, synthetic hair does not have as much of a longer life span than natural hair. Moreover, they take time for styling and styling with tools that have high heat like straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers can damage them. Another thing, some synthetic hair cannot be colored like natural hair.


How your hair extensions are constructed is another thing to keep in mind.  HairWizardry has two options that they would like you to be aware of: Strand-by-strand and weft panels extensions.

STRAND-BY-STRAND: Consisting of 20 to 40 strands in every extension, you are going to rock the stage if you choose this type of extension. This kind of extension is attached with different styles to your natural hair.  Strand-by-strand extensions are considered expensive depending on the time duration they take to install and to remove them. Women who have thick and coarse hair must go with this kind because they can last for a long time. But beware, you need proper care and correct maintenance so that the strands do not tangle.

WEFTED PANEL: Wefts are applied in different ways like sew-in, clip-in and glue method. Hence, they are not as long-lasting and durable as strand-by-strand extensions are. But they are usually preferred the most because they are easy to remove. Proper care and maintenance can expand their life span and appearance. Similarly, you have another advantage in that you can install them yourself at home if you want to just add volume in your hair or for more styling options.


Weft extensions do not need any adhesive to put in your hair on your head.  There are three kinds of wefts such as machine-made, hand-tied and injection molded.  

Machine-made wefts: This kind of wefts are more beneficial over hand-tied wefts because they can be cut in any length. With machine-made wefts, you can customize your look and it is up to you how much volume you want for your hair. Furthermore, machine-made wefts are less expensive to buy so you can buy a lot of wefts with a small budget.  Keep in mind that if you have thinner hair, machine-made wefts may not be the best option for you as machine-made wefts are thicker and sturdier than hand-tied so machine-made wefts may be more noticeable in thinner hair.

Hand-tied wefts: These manually woven wefts are much slimmer and attractive than machine-made. Their sleek look and tightly woven structure make them perfect for women with thin hair. These wefts are not going to look awkward or visible when attached to thin hair. Unlike machine-made, hand-tied wefts stay connected with strands and do not fall apart.  However, keep in mind to attach them all on the particular area so they will not unravel.

Injection molded: If you are searching for invisible extension then injection molded must be on your list. Without adding a lot of volume, they can attach securely with your natural hair. Injection molded hair extensions are light-weight, comfortable to wear and are long-lasting wefts. Injection molded wefts are usually taped in with your hair so you can use them again and again after applying more glue and tape.


CLIP-IN: One of the easiest and fastest types (to wear) of hair extensions are clip-ins, especially when you want to style your hair differently on a daily basis without the help of a professional at home. This method keeps your cost down as it saves you money and time as this can be done at home vs other hair extensions that require a professional stylist at a salon.

With a clip-in method, the hair is gathered with strands of hair using a fabric or silicone base and then attached to a clip.  The hair clip extension then is attached to your hair.  Very easy, right?   You can simply put them in your hair at any time or easily remove them. 

There are two other advantages that come with clip-in hair extensions.  You can try different styles very easily without committing to something that you are not really sure about.  Secondly, you do not have to worry about damaging your hair as clip-in hair extensions do not cause any hair damage. The downside is clip-in hair extensions must be removed before going to bed.  

GLUE-IN OR TAPE-IN: The Glue-In or Tape-In hair extensions are specifically attached to your hair roots with tape or glue.  Most of these should be placed in your hair by a hair stylist who is an expert in attaching them perfectly to your hair roots because the professional applies special glue which is heated with a tool and then applied. Further, a special shampoo to protect the glue-in or tape-in is required as they can slip from your hair.

SEW-IN: This is the most perfectly woven type of hair extension, which is sewed with your hair but before you sew them your natural hair is braided. Its application process takes hours to install and it is usually tightly woven so women with thin hair cannot opt for this extension. This is not a permanent option as you must remove them after a while to avoid your hair from being damaged. You must ensure to wash them properly to avoid any bacterial infection.


In summary, there are so many different types of hair extensions and hopefully this article has made the process of evaluating them a little easier for you.  Hair extension prices are affected by factors such as how long they are, thickness and the type of quality of the hair extensions.