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How to Care for Your Hair Extensions


Hair extensions transform your entire look and make you more glamorous and stylish. Hair extensions are available for short, medium, and long hair.  Taking care of hair extensions is vital to keeping them fresh, vibrant, and trendy. Following a proper care routine will keep them lasting longer.

The team at HAIRWIZARDRY suggests the following care routine.  So keep on reading and follow the given steps to make your extensions look fresh and beautiful.

Use Gentle and Soft Brushing

While brushing your hair extensions, be gentle. We suggest you use a hair extension brush or a normal wide-tooth comb. However, try not to brush the extensions near the roots because you may damage them and pull them off if you try to brush them near the roots.

Choose Extension Friendly Hair Care and Hair Style Products

Extension-friendly hair care and hairstyle products are vital for the fresh look of extensions. Always choose the products with a gentle formula.

Washing and Conditioning

If you have sewn-in hair extensions, you could wash them like your natural hair. However, if you have clip-in extensions, avoid washing them frequently. We recommend you to wash your clip-in extensions after every three to four weeks.

Use natural and extension-friendly shampoo to wash the hair and avoid applying conditioner to the roots; However, you may apply conditioner on the ends to make them fresh.  BE GENTLE.

Dry Your Hair and Extensions Properly

After washing and conditioning, you must dry your hair and extensions properly. You can blow-dry them. However, to avoid heat you should set your dryer to the cold setting or warm setting.   Some hair is best left for air-drying.

Use Heat Protectant

If you have to style your hair extensions with a heat tool, always use a heat protectant to avoid damage.

Moisturize Hair Extensions

If you have sewn-in extensions, they get oil from your natural scalp oils.  However, if you have clip-in extensions, you have to apply conditioner to them to protect them from dryness and dullness.

Store Properly

Store your clip-in extensions properly to avoid them from getting tangled. Try storing them in a box with a wrapper and try to tie them in a ponytail.


Things You Must Not Do with Your Hair Extensions

Do not Sleep with them on

If you have clip-in extensions, remove them before going to bed. If you sleep without removing them, they will get tangled and damaged. However, if you have sew-in extensions, you cannot remove them; however, you can wear a sleeping cap or a silk scarf to keep them safe from damage.

Avoid High Heat

Heat can damage hair extensions. Please follow the guide that came with your hair to avoid damaging your hair.  If no instructions were given in regards to styling with heat then take precautions.  Such as try a low setting first on a small piece or small section of hair.

Avoid Overwashing

Avoid overwashing your clip-in extensions because they don't have the natural oils, and if you wash them too often, you will make them dry and dull.

Avoid Back Brushing and Back Combing

Never back brush your hair extensions; otherwise, you will damage the extension bond.

Taking care of hair extensions is far easier than you think. You have to follow these suggestions to keep them safe from damage. If you have any further questions, contact our team.



Please note this is a general written article.  However, if your Hair came with a guide then please follow that care guide.  THANK YOU