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Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

The question that is most asked from our buyers is which will last longer, Human Hair extensions or Synthetic Hair extensions.  Human hair will last longer, generally a year or even longer with proper care and maintenance.  With a shine and flow that is not readily duplicated in synthetic hair, they are surprisingly smooth.

The second most popular question on our website is which one is easier to take care of.   Synthetic hair needs to be washed minimally and their style holds better in certain situations than Human hair.  So you are probably wondering then how do I figure out which one I should purchase.  Keep reading to make it a little more clear.

The distinction is in the fibers of synthetic and human hair extensions. Even after washing synthetic hair, it will be better at maintaining its style because of the different fibers.  Human hair extensions are made from real human hair to look and feel real, but they still need to be restyled much like natural hair after washing.

With technical developments in recent years, synthetic hair has come a long way. In some instances, the distinction is impossible to tell—the density and texture are such that they almost feel like human hair. In fact, with some of the higher-quality synthetic hair, if you didn't have the human hair right next to them to compare, you would never know they were not real human hair!

A premium choice is known to be Remy Human Hair. In gathering and crafting the  hairpiece, hair follicles are kept flowing in the same direction. Tangling is drastically minimized with cuticles moving in the same direction, and the hair looks and feels silkier. You can find high-grade Remy hair on Beware of imposters with a suspiciously low-priced formula.

You should purchase a high-quality hair extension, so it will look more natural. Moreover, if you are looking for the flexibility to restyle your hair extension every now and then you may opt for Human Hair extensions as they can be restyled like your own natural hair.   At the time of purchasing, always keep the following in mind:

The great thing about hair extensions is they come in a variety of lengths. You can easily change it up during the week if you wish!   Keep your desired length in mind when selecting a hair extension for you.



The deep wave synthetic hair extension are available in more than 20 colors. Although this deep wave synthetic hair extension is 22 inches in stretched length, which is quite good, this hair extension's weight is 80 grams, which is not that heavy and easy to carry. There are 28 strands in every package. The material grade of this deep wave synthetic hair extension is low-temperature fiber.

Keep in mind it cannot be permed as it is made up of synthetic hair.  However,  this hair extension looks appealing because of its variety of color and the right length. The 7 piece lot hair extension usually runs over $100 but is on sale right now for under $90!  Keep in mind, its texture or color can't be changed.



This hair weaves single extension body is made up of human hair.  It can be used for more than one year if it is maintained properly.  The type of this extension is body weave.  The material of hair weave extension single body consists of 100% human hair bundles.  They come in a wide variety of lengths from 8-40 inches. This extension will complement both, natural short hair and long hair.  In addition, this extension can be dyed as well. The texture is a body wave.



This natural hair weave double drawn extension is best for those who love long hair. Moreover, the hair type is Brazilian hair. No chemical processing has been done.  The extension type is weaving. The texture of inherited hair weave double drawn extension is body wave. The unit weight is 100 grams per piece.   Best of all it can be dyed and it’s reasonably priced.




The color of this beautiful extension shown in the picture is Ombre. It cannot be dyed but with a variety of colors to choose from you will find the perfect one for you.  The length of this extension is 18 inches. Even the weight of this extension is low so it will feel light on your head. In each packet, there will be 16 strands. The material grade of this extension is Low-Temperature Fiber. The texture is Passion twist. A full head will require five to seven packs. It is easy to maintain and cost-effective also. A very affordable price around $60.




This extension consists of high-quality synthetic braiding hair. This is a crocheting braid extension. The color of this extension is Ombre. Although the length is 12 inches, the weight is just 50 grams, which is very light and ideal.  In every package, there is one strand.  This attractive extension's texture is curly, which gives bounce to your hair and plenty of volume. The material grade is High-temperature fiber. One great feature is that it can be dyed as well. Another affordable item at HairWizardry for $81.



By now you have hopefully gained some knowledge into the pros and cons of both human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. 

Human hair extensions are available in the same range of textures as real hair: curly, natural, straight, wavy, light, dense, fair, etc. Further, human hair extensions, much like natural hair, can be styled, permed, straightened, or dyed any time you want.  You can’t go wrong if you decide on human hair extensions.

You can't restyle conventional synthetic hair extensions. They come pre-styled, and regardless of every heat source - hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, even an open oven, you're married to the look forever! - The synthetic hair extension could be damaged to the point of not being able to wear it.   

First-time hair extension buyers frequently believe that there are only two kinds of human and synthetic hair extensions, but that's false!   There is a third form: synthetic, heat-friendly hair extensions.  Just be sure you know when you buy if your synthetic hair extension is heat friendly or not.